Timars is a Swedish designer and manufacturer of grading machines for fish.
We can provide customized grading lines for different fish, like herring, mackerel, sardines and live salmons.
Our systems can include pumping, water separation, tanks, hoppers, elevators, grading machined and conveyer belts (incl. weighing systems).
Focus on efficient and accurate grading and gentle handling of the fish. Fulfils the most stringent requirements in the fish industry and in the marine industry, thanks to the versatility and easy-to clean design.


Timars roller grader for fish (Pelagic fish like Mackerell and Herring, but also to live Salmon) is a unique system offering efficient grading. Providing high capacity and flexibility. Adjustable table rollers offer the ability to alter both gradient and .. 

Timars grading master, vibration operated graders for fish and herring are a bar type grader providing the user with a tried and tested solution. Formerly these machines were prone to serious vibration problems. These complications have been eliminated fr.. 

Industrivägen 12,  S-311 32, Falkenberg | Phone: +46346 715900 | Fax: +46346 715919 | E-mail

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