Timars Roller grader

Timars roller grader for fish (Pelagic fish like Mackerell and Herring, but also to live Salmon) is a unique system offering efficient grading.

Providing high capacity and flexibility. Adjustable table rollers offer the ability to alter both gradient and distance between rollers.


The grading machine provides very quiet operation for an improved working environment. Importantly the machine is extremely hygienic, providing trouble-free cleaning in order to meet the strictest EU regulations for the handling of food.


Timars roller grader is available in many different sizes to suit varying environments and fishes.


The grader is often equipped with a hopper and elevator. Occasionally the hopper is used as a storage tank and can provide a volume up to 10 cubic meters.

The new generation of Timars Rollergraders can be equipped with the latest PLC system with automatic settings made on touchscreen. The touchscreen can be placed either by the machine or in a operator room.


The grading machines can also be equiped with approved contineus weighing systems on the conveyers so that the opertor can get instant correct weight on the weight of the different grades.


Timars combines experience with new technology to deliver high quality grading machines.